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Gianfranco Pazzaglia’s GFO is a company specialized in the design and production of customised and tailor-made flight cases. The aim is to create crates that guarantee maximum protection during the transport and storage of their instruments. The high level of professionalism gained over more than twenty years of activity has allowed GFO to collaborate with the most prestigious international realities in the field of motorbike sport and racing.

Always attentive to innovation and to the search for the highest quality standards, GFO ensures robustness and durability over time of all its products, without neglecting the aesthetics of design and finishes.

The materials used are chosen with care from time to time, orienting the customer in the decision best suited to the transport needs. Multilayer wood, for example, is particularly resistant to impact and weathering, while the astroboard, thanks to its alveolar composition, allows the realization of flight cases much lighter without compromising its robustness. GFO is committed to the constant research of technology to create cutting-edge products, with particular attention to detail and manual skills typical of artisan work.

The laboratory where the products are made is equipped with a large structure and machinery able to offer a rapid versatility of production, even for single pieces, as well as an assembly area where the components are carefully combined together.

The perfect combination of innovation and professionalism of the staff has made GFO an important reference point in the sector, thanks to high quality production, with an excellent quality/price ratio.