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Services – Flight cases

GFO designs and manufactures flight cases on standard or fully customized measurements for the widest range of applications. For each type of product, the highest performing materials are recommended according to the specific needs of use and transport.

Each case can be constructed with multilayer panels of various thicknesses, from 7.5 mm up to 11.5 mm. Multilayer materials can be of various types: marine (Okumé) and marine light, light multi-layer light, light plywood, phenolic multilayer (more robust and heavier) or the three types of astroboard (panel in alveolar structure), particularly suitable for air transport thanks to a lower lightness of up to 35%. Structured carbon, glass fibre and shockproof plastic panels are also available.

The finishes and interiors are also chosen from time to time together with the customer, from aluminium profiles to internal padding made of shock-resistant rubber, polyethylene foam or carpet to cushion any possible impact and safeguard the integrity of the equipment.

For the most demanding, optional accessories and accessories are available, including fixed or detachable pivoting wheels, trays for stacking system, wheels for towing, anchoring rings, multi-position dividers and aluminium pallets.

Repairs and restorations are also carried out to restore and revive used and worn-out crates.